Doug Grady


Doug Grady has been studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential for over 20 years. Doug is a professional speaker, musician, and President of High Achievers. He is the author of The Ripple Effect. His companies, writings, trainings, and music are designed with one purpose: to help people reach their God-given potential.

Doug gives a significant portion of his time and money to local and global causes. He has been on several mission trips, most recently to Ecuador where he was part of a twelve man team building homes for the poorest of the poor. Doug is an active member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA.

“Our investment in Doug Grady has already paid for itself many times over. Doug’s work is a HOMERUN.” –James L. Cook, National Financial Services

“Doug Grady gives you practical, proven ideas and methods you can use immediately, and he presents them in a fast-moving, entertaining and enjoyable style.” –Brian Tracy, Author, Maximum Achievement

“Doug Grady has real world information that will make you listen, make you laugh, make you think, and make you money.” –Jeffrey Gitomer, Author, The Sales Bible

“Although I just arrived during your opening song, I can’t tell you how long it’s been that I’ve felt so totally re-energized; it’s almost like the ideas and contacts wouldn’t stop so I could get to sleep. I have a notepad next to my bed and it was full for the first time the next morning!” –Kathy Bonner, Group Sales Manager, Laguna Playhouse

Having participated in his training personally, I highly recommend Doug Grady and High Achievers as a resource for personal and professional development. –Bob Kilinski, Regional Operation Partner, Keller Williams

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