The High Achievers Muddervation Challenge

What would it take for you to take on Tough Mudder?

Would you do it if High Achievers™ paid for it?

Our mission is to help you embrace a lifestyle of achievement. Training for and completing the Tough Mudder promises to create breakthroughs in every significant area of your life. High Achievers™ will make certain of it.

As a High Achievers™ member you will plug into workouts, sales and networking training, live events, and powerful people to take you and your business to the next level.

And we’ll pay for your Tough Mudder!

The first 10 people to become a High Achievers™ Online or VIP member ($95 or $195/mo level) between now and November 14, 2012 will run Tough Mudder on us.

Membership includes:

  • Delivery of one educational program per week, consisting of articles and audio from America’s top leaders in achievement and personal development
  • Access to High Achievers™ Radio and monthly podcast
  • Online participation in High Achievers™ training seminars via webinar and access to webinar recordings
  • Admission to High Achievers™ monthly trainings
  • Networking with High Achievers™ faculty and members

But wait, there’s more! Additional Muddervation benefits included with your High Achievers™ membership:

  • Workout with the High Achievers™ team twice a week through our training partner YourDay Gym (Atlanta area). (YourDay standard rate is $50 per session per person- your cost: $0)
  • Run Tough Mudder Georgia with our team April 2013 (We pay up to $175 for online and VIP members)

*On the day of your Tough Mudder your membership must be active and you must show up for reimbursement of your registration fee up to $175. Offer extends to any Tough Mudder (one per member)- just post a photo on our fan site of you at Tough Mudder and we will reimburse your registration fee.

Throw your hat in the ring!

Questions? email